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Jet-type air handling unit is according to the new wind person on the indoor side of the enclosed air supply on the other side of the wind, indoors will form a “fresh air flow field, the principle of” to carry on the design. It depends on the mechanical air supply, wind and force in the formation of air flow field in the system.
Keep indoor air clean and fresh is a kind of new environmental protection appliances. This independent indoor air displacement, purify circulation system, can eliminate indoor air pollution at the same time, the input of natural fresh air, will enter indoor air by filtration, sterilization, heating, increasing oxygen treatment.

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  • Using high sealing material and a mix of low thermal resistance wall plate for the cabinet.
  • Low noise centrifugal fan
  • Seamless copper tube and high purity aluminum foil, ARI standard performance
  • Drain tray applied thicken insulation material and no leakage.
  • Tuyere adopts spherical vents with good jet velocity to blasting air , realizing a long distance air supply without air hose.

air handling unit fan coil unit

  1. Choose the best material.
  2. Modular housing design. Easy to install, transport and maintain.
  3. Unique non-cold bridge design improves insulation and airtightness, with total air leakage rate less than 1%.
  4. Dynamic balancing double-inlet centrifugal fan has good aerodynamic characteristics, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise.

5.High efficiency heat exchanger coil to ensure that customers provide sufficient cooling capacity of the unit.

  1. Reasonable internal structure provides appropriate space for maintenance and cleaning.

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Air flow


1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Size (mm) 950*700*560 950*840*560 950*920*560 950*1120*560 950*1400*560 950*1680*560
Air flow


6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 15000
Size (mm) 950*1960*560 950*1960*680 950*2080*740 1100*2180*820 1200*2280*860 1200*2340*890

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