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Floor Standing Water Fan Coil Unit For Home

Floor Standing Water Fan Coil Unit For Home



fan coil unit for home

Fan coil units referred to as “fan coil units”. Fan coil unit is made up of small fan, motor and coil (air heat exchanger) one of the terminal device of air conditioning system. Coil pipe with pipe outside air through the chilled water or hot water heat exchanger, the air is cooled and dehumidification or heat to adjust indoor air parameters. Fan coil unit is a common cooling and heating unit.

fan coil details


  • High-grade weather-resistant ABS injection molding integrated panel makes maintenance and disassembly more convenient and quick.
  • The integrated remote controller storage box is easy to arrange and store.
  • 7 thick sheet metal, full foam packaging, internal and external double-layer baking varnish, internal heat preservation.
  • 2 Open-window with hydrophilic aluminum foil, backwater six points thickening large flow inner wire copper nut, 0.8-thick copper main pipe.

5kw fan coil unit

  • The evaporator is designed horizontally with multiple inlets and multiple outlets and the same process, with upper exhaust design, internal and external degreasing and oil removal, 20kg nitrogen detection, and thickened air duct.
  • Pure copper wire motor, large screen LCD screen and remote controller, double temperature and double control display design for room temperature and water temperature.
  • Anti-cold air design, overheat protection function.
  • The air outlet automatically sweeps up and down, left and right.

floor fan coil unit

Voltage Power Frequency Air flow Noise Cooling capacity Heating capacity Weight Applicable area Wind speed
220V 50W 50HZ 1300


33-39db 5000w/h 7500


32 kg 40-60


Three speed regulation

floor standing fan coil unit


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