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Ultra Thin Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

Ultra Thin Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit



rooftop central air conditioner

The type of ultra thin fan coil unit mainly consists of centrifugal fan and heat exchanger etc.,which is one of the terminals in the central air conditioner system.It can meet the requirements of cooling, dehumidification and heating etc.

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  • The product uses less water, heats up quickly, the 100% pure copper wire motor has low noise and long service life, realizes forced convection heat dissipation, and can reach the set temperature within 5-10 minutes after starting up.
  • The water temperature only needs 40-60 DEG C to be normally heated, and the installation cost is low and the heating area is large.
  • The panel is easy to disassemble and easy to clean the filter screen.
  • Various types of installation can be used independently or mixed with radiator.

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Size mm weight Copper tube Air outlet length Heating area Cooling area Power


950*560*130 15.2kg 20 660mm 20-25 m2 15-20 m2 15w

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