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Ultra Thin Water Fan Coil Unit For Home

Ultra Thin Water Fan Coil Unit For Home



ultra thin fan coils unit

Fan coil units referred to as “fan coil units”. Fan coil unit is made up of small fan, motor and coil (air heat exchanger) one of the terminal device of air conditioning system. Coil pipe with pipe outside air through the chilled water or hot water heat exchanger, the air is cooled and dehumidification or heat to adjust indoor air parameters. Fan coil unit is a common cooling and heating unit used for household.

ultra thin fan coil


  • Ultra-thin exposed fan coil unit, ideal terminal radiator for coal-to-gas, perfect linkage with wall-mounted boiler, automatic temperature control and gas saving.
  • Pure copper tube is manufactured with 5 in and 5 out, with low circulation resistance and high thermal efficiency.
  • Large LCD touch screen, LED backlight display.
  • 100% pure copper wire motor has low noise and long service life.

ultra thin fan coils price

Model Cooling capacity Heating capacity Size mm weight Copper tube Air outlet length Heating area Cooling area Power


85 2.7kw 4.05kw 950*130*575 14.3kg 20 760mm 20-25 m2 15-20 m2 15w
136 5.4kw 8.1kw 1220*130*575 18.5kg 20 820mm 25-30 m2 20-25 m2 20w

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