Universal Exposed Floor Standing or Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

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Universal Exposed Floor Standing or Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

Universal Exposed Floor Standing or Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit



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Fan coil units are mainly composed of centrifugal fans and coil heat exchangers.It is the terminal device of the central air conditioning system. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition galleries, shopping malls and moving buildings. It is used to meet the requirements of cooling, dehumidification, heating and so on, creating a fresh and tranquil working and living environment for mankind.

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There are two types of universal exposed fan coil unit, floor standing fan coil unit and horizontal exposed fan coil unit. Horizontal exposed fan coil unit can be hoisted at any position under the ceiling, does not occupy any indoor area. It is convenient to install and suitable for air conditioning engineering reconstruction of old buildings, reduce pipelines and save cost. The shell is treated by electrostatic spraying, can be matched with indoor decoration. Floor standing fan coil unit has a beautiful and elegant appearance. It is directly placed at the position of the radiator. The product consumption is small and the heating speed is fast. The installation is simple and convenient, easy to disassemble and can save valuable space.


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1.The structure is exquisite, firm and durable.
This series of fan coil units adopt galvanized sheet casing. The frame is formed by using a first-class galvanized sheet through die processing, and has a firm structure and is not easy to deform.

2.High performance, high efficiency and low power consumption.
Fan coil unit heat exchanger adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube, high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fin and advanced tube expanding process to make the copper tube and aluminum foil reach the best contact. In addition, a fan with large air volume and low noise is used to enhance heat transfer, so that the unit can give full play to the most ideal heat transfer efficiency. The water-collecting head is forged with brass, which makes the water flow evenly distributed and reduces the pressure loss, further improving the overall heat transfer effect of the fan coil unit. Permanent low noise capacitor motor is adopted, rolling bearings are fully packaged, and lubricating oil does not need to be added.

3.V-shaped drain pan design
Universal exposed fan coil unit can be used as both floor standing and horizontal, flexible and convenient.

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There are 9 specifications of the product. 

Model and performance   FP34 FP51 FP68 FP85 FP102 FP136 FP170 FP204 FP238
Rated air flow
high 340 510 680 850 1020 1360 1700 2040 2380
Medium 260 390 510 640 770 1020 1280 1530 1790
low 170 260 340 430 510 680 850 1020 1190
Rated cooling capacity
H 1.8 2.7 3.6 4.5 5.4 7.2 9.0 10.8 12.6
H 1548 2322 3096 3870 4644 6192 7740 9288 10836
Rated heat
H 2.7 4.05 5.4 6.75 8.1 10.8 13.5 16.1 18.9
H 2322 3483 4644 5805 6966 9288 11610 13932 16254
The input power
12Pa 37 52 62 76 96 134 152 189 228
30Pa 44 59 72 87 108 156 174 212 253
50Pa 49 66 84 100 118 174 210 250 300
The amount of water
319 478 638 797 956 1275 1594 1913 2232
Flow resistance
30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40  
power 220V/50HZ  


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