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The fan coil unit is installed in the central air conditioner, and its noise is relatively low during operation, especially in low-grade operation, its noise is generally 30 ~ 40 dB (A). The running speed of fan coil can be high, medium and low, and the temperature of each room can be adjusted flexibly by the automatic control of water pump in water system, and it can be stopped when there is no one in the room. The control is very flexible, and it also saves energy and improves economic benefits.
KDGD provides you with the scheme matching service of domestic fan coil units. You only need to provide architectural design drawings, and we will provide you solution with them.



With the rise of large hotel chains, the choice of central air-conditioning in hotels has attracted much attention. Because there are many floors and high floors, hotels usually choose ceiling horizontal concealed fan coil units.
Horizontal ceilign concealed fan coil unit. When people stand in the room, they can only see the return air inspection and maintenance port and the double shutter socket. The overall decoration style of the hotel is not affected.
The return air box of the fan coil unit is mainly connected to the room through the return air pipe. Indoor return air is treated, which is more energy-saving and cleaner. If the wind without air return outlet returns to the ceiling interlayer, the airflow will be chaotic and turbid, which is not conducive to energy saving and affects the air cleanliness.
KDGD provides you with a professional hotel fan-coil matching scheme, which makes it more convenient for you to choose the central air conditioner.


 The production in some special factories and workshops has special requirements for the environment, such as pharmaceutical factories and precision instrument manufacturers, which have special requirements for environmental temperature and humidity and need to be customized.
KDGD provides you with professional factory heating or cooling matching solutions, only you need to provide environmental conditions and factory drawings, and we will customize the solutions for you.


 The central air-conditioning equipment in commercial places generally chooses air source heat pump or chiller as the heat source, and the terminal equipment is matched with 4 way cassette fan coil unit or horizontal concealed fan coil unit, which not only meets the aesthetic requirements of commercial scenes, but also fully meets the cooling and heating requirements of places.
Combined with building characteristics and climatic conditions, KDGD provides you with professional commercial heating and cooling solutions for your project.


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